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1. Is this a pilot project?

2. Is this an extension of a funded project:?

3. Is this an integral part of a funded project?

4. Does an active research protocol already cover your current use mice at UTHSC or the VAMC?

5. Are the types of experiments and studies you plan to conduct with CITG mice covered by your current protocol?

[You or one of your collaborators will need to have a valid protocol in place before mice can be transferred to the research program. This protocol will need to cover the use of the strains of mice and numbers of mice that we will provide you. We can help you with sample text for this purpose.]

6. In the last 12 months, roughly how many mice have you used in your research program?

7. How many different types of mice have you used in the last 12 months (strains, transgenic, or knockouts)?

8. Do you currently have mice at UTHSC that are maintained by the Department of Comparative Medicine?

9. Do you currently have mice at the VA Medical Center?

10. From where do you typically obtain mice (select one or more)?

11. Will you be sharing the mice or the tissues and cell derivatives with other researchers?

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